Ricard Fernández

Degree in Geological Sciences from the University of Barcelona. 

With more than 25 years of group driving experience, thirty six years ago, he started climbing up the mountains. In 1981, he began rock climbing on the mountain of Montserrat, an activity that led to the walls of the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Dolomites along with other famous mountains in Africa, Bolivia, Argentina or Patagonia. Member of an expedition to Chulu W, in the Annapurna massif, has conducted treks for South America, Patagonia, Himalayas, Kenya or New Zealand. Member of the UIMLA association.

Author of the book, "What's beautiful is the Mountain" (with drawings by Xavier Lamas) and a collaborator with stories of fiction and humor in the "Extrem" magazine, among others, Montserrat represents for him a paradigm of everything that is is in the mountains.

Nowadays he focuses his experiences in the Sacred Natural Sites.

Photo: Beata Goralska-Hycza

Catalan Tourist Board Member
Year of Cultural Tourism 2019
Touristlink Certification Badge