Ecrins Massif is part of the Dauphiné Mountains, and is what is closer to Catalonia driving in a private car. La Barre des Ecrins is the highest, but perhaps not the most spectacular, because this privilege may belong to the Meije and its traverses.

The normal route to reach the top is not easy, you have to climb a 900 mts. ridge which, although not technically very complicated (some steps IV), it is long and in some sections easy to get lost. We offer this activity, including the traverse towards the Refuge de l'Aigle. The whole activity lasts for three days:

Day 1 -> approach to the shelter from la Bérarde.

Day 2 -> Ascension to the Grand Pic de la Meije and traverse towards Refuge de l'Aigle.

Day 3 -> Descent and return.

The ratio for this activity is 1: 2, ie, the guide can work with up to two guests.

Price for two people: 800 € + expenses guide (UIAGM)

This price includes:

  • All collective technical equipment.
  • Accident and rescue insurance.
Arista Promontoire al Gran Pic de la Meije


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