Excursion with geological content


Visit to one of the most classic places in the Catalan Eastern Pyrenees, very close to Barcelona. The ascent to the peak of the Comabona (2554 meters high) allows to reconstruct the geological formation of this mountain range, from the evidence of the Hercinian orogeny to the piggy-backs of the Paleogene rocks and from the granodioritic basement to the Eocene foraminifera layers at the high parts of the mountain.
It takes about three and a half hours to access the Prat d'Aguiló hut, located in a splendorous place. From this point, after a well deserved rest, we'll reach one of the Cadí range highest peaks, part of the Pyrenean southwards overthrusting mantles and bounded on the north by the Cerdanya tectonic depression. The ascent lasts for two hours.
The Comabona summit is an excellent viewpoint to appreciate the structure of the Eastern Pyrenees, with the axial mountain range in the north and the spectacular Pedraforca mountain to the south.
We can return to the starting point along the same path or, if we prefer to change, we could reach through another path the Romanesque hermitage of Santa Maria de Bastanist (14th century), where we have left the car.
It is a long day: two and a half hours of comfortable ride by car from Barcelona in addition to approximately ten hours of hiking. The reward is a tour of great landscape and geological value.
The place is high enough to be considered high mountain although the way is easy: some fleece and a rain jacket have to be inside the backpack, too.


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