Boulder in the Chaos of Targasonne - Pyrenees.


Bouldering,  everyday more popular than the day before. Bouldering may be the purest form of climbing, but it is also the one with the most restrictions as almost everything is forbidden: you cannot use ropes, you cannot use carabiners, you cannot lean on a branch of a tree, you cannot place any protection ... you can only ...... climb. You, a crashpad and the rock. That's it, that's what we are looking for, isn't it? Strength, balance, technique, calm, just for the pleasure of ascending to a stone. We must give our best of ourselves in a sequence of few movements. Gestuality in its pure state.

The Chaos of Targassona has immense potential for bouldering, almost 2000 problems in more than 20 sectors, in exchange of shredding a little bit the skin of the fingers. 
Located at 1,500 meters high and facing south, it allows rock climbing almost all year round. In winter, the snow hardly prevents climbing, and it is surely the best time to feel the amazing grip of the rock. In return, we will have to fight the cold in our hands. Spring and autumn allows us to climb the boulders in all their orientations, and in summer, although it can get hot, if we climb at dusk or the routes that are in the shade, we will not have any problems.

If we want to spend a night, the region of La Cerdanya is full of accommodation to choose from, and very close to the Chaos of Targassona (less than 5 km) we find a campsite that will allow us to make the most of our stay.

The Chaos of Targassona can be a real labyrinth if you do not know the area. In Guides of Montserrat we know it very well and we guarantee that you will be able to climb the best routes according to your level.

Escalada a Targassona
Escalada a Targassona
Escalada a Targassona


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