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The last stage of the Ignatian Pilgrimage represents the route that Saint Ignatius of Loyola undertook from Montserrat with a totally renewed disposition. If the example of the saints had driven him in front of the image of Virgin, the time that he remained in Montserrat meant the beginning of his own spiritual experience. The distance between Montserrat and Manresa means the change, the transit; a very personal pilgrimage example.

In the same way that for the pilgrims of all times, the walk gains as much importance how the origin and the destination, that in our case are of a great spiritual transcendence. During our journey, and just like the older pilgrims did, we will try to find the answer to questions like why am I here, who is with me and what about the future at the end of the journey.

Obviously, the landscape has changed since July 1522; we have to understand like a huge palimpsest on each traveller writes his own experience.

The itinerary can be splited into three parts: a continued downhill between the Monastery of Montserrat and the Marganell stream (10 km, approximately), a second section that descends softly to the Cardener river, just before it flows in the Llobregat river (nearly 7 km), and the last six kilometers along the left river bank until the arrival at the Holy Cave at Manresa. The paths are wide and easy to walk.

  • Distance: 23,70 km
  • Total vertical gain: 260 meters.
  • Total vertical loss: 750 meters.
  • Time without stopping: 6 hours.
  • Difficulty: Easy; the main one is the length of the journey.



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