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Climbing and hiking in Montserrat

Right in the heart of Catalonia, well connected with Barcelona, stands the Montserrat massif; a unique mountain that rises sharply to 1,236 meters from the top of St. Jeroni and many other iconic peaks, including Cavall Bernat or Montgròs.

The Montserrat Mountain Guides offers the possibility to discover this fantastic mountain accompained by professional certified guides and instructors. We organize guided activities and courses of all levels:

  • rock climbing
  • hiking
  • orienteering
  • via ferrata
  • Dry Canyoning


Guided activities

Ermita de Montserrat Barcelona

Tebes Tour in Montserrat

Hiking and Orientation

Let's discover why Montserrat is a Natural Sacred Space. History, spirituality, culture and nature in a 2 hours hike in this magic mountain. Suitable for everybody.

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Rock climbing in Montserrat, Catalonia

Climbing Discovery in Montserrat

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing activity in Montserrat to spend half day with family or friends. All the material and insurance included, you only have to take pictures and enjoy!


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Other destinations


Alpinism at the Pedraforca


The Pedraforca massif offers plenty of options to enjoy the mountain with all the senses, and all in less than two hours drive from Barcelona and G

220€ (1 pax) - 120€ (2 pax)
We are leaving in 1 week
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+34 608 06 19 95
+34 608 06 19 95
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Sant Jeroni Montserrat

... I was particularly impressed throughout the trek by his knowledge of the mountain, and respect for it.

Ferrata Montserrat

It's a really great experience and you have been a great guide!

Montserrat, Spain

Thank You very much for an exiting day in the Tebaida area.

At the top of Montserrat, Barcelona, Catalonia

He estat genial!!! Un cap de setmana, de primavera, espectacular!!! Dos dies molt profitosos sota les explicacions dels instructors. Prespectives del curs complertes el 200%!!!

Ermita de Trinitats

Magnífica excursió per a visitar les ermites. I el guia, extraordinari, un crack!

Rock climbing Montserrat

I've learnt so much from all three of you and gained priceless experiences. Don't think we could have asked for a better climbing holiday like the one you guys have given us.

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Sant Jeroni Montserrat
Ferrata Montserrat
Montserrat, Spain
At the top of Montserrat, Barcelona, Catalonia
Ermita de Trinitats
Rock climbing Montserrat
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