Ascent to Sant Jeroni accompained by a geologist

A full day’s excursion taking you up to the highest point of Montserrat: St. Jeroni, 1.236 mts. above the sea level. Excellent viewpoint over the rest of the massif, part of Catalonia and the south side of the Pyrenees. Contact us!!

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Montserrat. Ascent to Sant Jeroni accompained by a botanical specialist

Activity in the Aigüestortes National Park - Val d'Aran - Carros de Foc

Aigüestortes N.P. is the most beautiful destination in the Catalan Pyrenees. Let us show it to you. Rock climbing and trekking for everybody!

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Ski mountaineering in Pyrenees

Alpinism and mountaneering in the Eastern Pyrenees

The Serra del Cadí N.P. is the best place of the Eastern Pyrenees for rock climbing, alpininism or trekking! Contact us!

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Serra del Cadí

Alpinism at the Pedraforca

The Pedraforca is a rocky mountain full of rock climbing routes and trekks. Just 2h. far from Barcelona. Let us guide you!

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The Ports de Beseit

The Ports de Beseit is another Natural Park in Catalonia. Lots of possibilites for rock climbing and trekking. Let us organize this trip for you!

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Els Ports de Beseit

The whole hermits trail

Full day excursion to discover the 13 hermitages. A trail full of spirituality and beauty. Let us show you why Montserrat is a sacred mountain.

Proposta Activitat Guiada | Hiking and Orientation

Ermites de Montserrat

Ingatian Pilgrimage Montserrat - Manresa

The last stage of the Pilgrimage of the Ignatian Way in Montserrat - Manresa. We will finish in the Cova de Manresa and return to Montserrat by train. Contact us!

Proposta Activitat Guiada | Hiking and Orientation

Creu de Termes Montserrat

Forest Bath in Barcelona

A Forest Bath in Barcelona. Let us guide and you'll discover all that the nature has to offer.

Proposta Activitat Guiada | Hiking and Orientation

Forest Bath in Barcelona
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